Women’s Emotion Regulation Track

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Location: Princeton, North Brunswick, Hamilton, Moorestown, and Eatontown

This program is designed to help women who are experiencing a mood disorder and/or post-traumatic stress symptoms and are having difficulty functioning at their optimal capacity. This group-focused program incorporates dialectical behavior therapy-based principles and skills to improve coping with difficult emotions and to regain a life worth living. The Emotion Regulation track is offered during the day at the three locations above.

Program goals include:

  • Reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety and bipolar disorders, as well as traumatic disorders
  • Becoming more aware of how past history impacts current functioning
  • Learning the connection between thoughts, feelings, behaviors and bodily sensations
  • Increasing understanding of relational issues
  • Increasing skills to manage feelings in order to more effectively function in life

To view frequently asked questions (FAQ) about this program, please click here.