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What factors contribute to depression and anxiety in the elderly?

PH Older 3 Loss in many forms contributes to depression and anxiety in the elderly:

  1. Loss of friends and family either through relocation or death
  2. Retirement or loss of structure that working provided for many people
  3. Loss of physical abilities either because of illness or injury

Is depression a normal part of the aging process?

Although many older adults do experience depression, anxiety and other mood disorders, it is not a normal condition and is one that responds to treatments. A consultation with a family member or primary physician may be wise to rule out any medical causes for altered mood states.

What is Senior Link?

Senior Link is a partial hospital program for seniors who are suffering from major anxiety, depression and other mood disorders. Patients attend Senior Link four to five days a week. The day consists of group activities such as psychotherapy groups, psychoeducational groups and activity groups. The day begins at 9:30 a.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m.

What is a partial hospital program and how does it differ from adult day care?

A partial hospital program is a psychotherapeutic program where intensive forms of treatment are used including medications, psychotherapy and education to help a person return to their former level of psychological functioning or the best level of functioning they are capable of. Adult daycare programs tend to be more social in nature, whereas Senior Link is an active treatment program.

What makes Princeton House Behavioral Health's Senior Link different from programs offered by other agencies?

Senior Link is a partial hospital program only for senior citizens. Our patients benefit from interactions with other older adults who have similar problems based on age and life tasks specific to those age groups. Senior Link is part of a continuum of care that includes inpatient psychiatric care, partial hospital programs and outpatient services. Because it is a hospital-based program patients have access to an array of services, both medical and psychiatric.

What aspects of the program contribute to its effectiveness?

Senior Link is staffed by trained and licensed professionals including psychiatrists who specialize in geriatrics and master's level counselors and social workers. All aspects of the program are geared to provide a treatment environment which allows older adults to discuss their problems and work toward a solution. The close medical management and supervision by psychiatrists and a treatment team who specialize in the treatment of older adults is also key to the effectiveness of the program.

Who can benefit from these programs?

Seniors who find that they are having difficulty coping with everyday problems that arise, or find that they are no longer able to experience pleasure from activities that they used to enjoy, may be suffering from depression or some other mood disorder. The older adults programs at Princeton House Behavioral Health help people to regain and improve their level of function and ability to enjoy life again.

How does someone get referred to Princeton House Behavioral Health programs?

Individuals and family members are encouraged to call the Princeton House Behavioral Health outpatient admissions at 888.437.1610 to help determine which location is closest to where they live.

How is treatment covered?

Medicare and most private insurance plans are accepted.