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Inpatient Adult Services

Inpatient Location: Princeton

Princeton House Behavioral Health offers a full range of treatment services for adults who are experiencing acute mental health problems, struggling with substance abuse or both. Specialized services for adolescents are also offered. Our 110-bed Inpatient facility is located on 10 wooded acres just two miles from the heart of downtown Princeton.

The following services are available:

Outpatient Adult Services

Outpatient Locations: Princeton, North Brunswick, Moorestown & Hamilton

Princeton House Behavioral Health's Partial Hospital and Intensive Outpatient Services provides an intensity of care that falls between Inpatient and Traditional Outpatient for adults who are experiencing significant mental health problems, struggling with substance abuse or both.  The Partial Hospital Program runs six hours per day and five days per week and the Intensive Outpatient Programs run three hours per day and are available five days per week.

Psychiatric Program

Individuals who are seeking help for a variety of acute emotional and behavioral problems, or require treatment following an inpatient hospitalization, find the support necessary to regain stability and return to more functional roles.

Dual Diagnosis/Co-Occurring Program

Frequently, people may experience emotional or behavioral difficulties and struggle with addiction issues at the same time. This program helps individuals to regain emotional stability and begin the work necessary to enter into recovery from substance abuse.

Addiction Recovery Program

At PHBH, we provide treatment and counseling for a wide range of addictions.  Establishing a support system that promotes ongoing recovery and stability is a critical part of recovery.  We help patients learn how to build and utilize support in their daily lives and to develop a variety of coping skills preventing relapse.

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