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PHBH Physicians Interviewed after Philip Seymour Hoffman's Death

Mar 12, 2014

“The direction of that has been partially good in that I think we’re more sophisticated in handling chronic pain,” said Dr. Neal Schofield, medical director for addictions programs at Princeton House Behavioral Health in Princeton. “Unfortunately a spinoff of that has been a disaster with the proliferation of some of these medications in our community.”

“For a lot of these people, these drugs meet a need of self-medication. The drugs meet a need of numbing things,” Schofield said during a conference on opiate addiction held last month, a few days before Hoffman’s death. “In my unit, the incidence of sexual trauma -- either rape, molestation or prostitution in girls with opiate addiction -- is about 90 percent. These things are addressed, imperfectly, badly, by the use of drugs.”

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