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The Mission of Princeton House Behavioral Health is to deliver the highest quality of care in order to optimize treatment outcomes.  We promote evidence-based practices, continuous improvement of quality, ongoing professional and community education and innovative approaches to behavioral healthcare.  In addition to our mission, the following Guiding Principles inform our system of care.

Guiding Principles for Patients and Families:

  • We are committed to offering the highest quality services, responses, and advocacy for our patients, recognizing the full diversity of the communities we serve.
  • We are committed to providing quality care that is evidence-based and outcomes informed, addressing all clinically significant co-morbidities within a comprehensive continuum of care.
  • We respect every individual's right to privacy, dignity, and compassion.
  • We are accountable to the patients and families we serve and strive for excellence in assisting them to meet their goals and aspirations through the continuum of care.
  • We act knowledgeably, professionally, and compassionately when providing services, treatment, and support to our patients, their families, and loved ones.

Guiding Principles for the Workplace:

  • We strive to build an organizational culture that values the personal and professional development of our staff, students and volunteers thereby contributing to the success of our services.
  • We are team oriented, with an entrepreneurial spirit embraced by leadership and staff.
  • We take pride and unique ownership of our endeavors and have a shared, mutual respect for the diversity of our staff, families, patients, and communities.
  • We value the well-being of our staff and believe that employees who are supported are better able to create caring relationships with patients and their families.
  • We are accountable for our work and will strive to effectively, efficiently, and proactively use all internal and external continuum resources to carry out our Mission.

Guiding Principles for our Community, Volunteers and Donors:

  • We are accountable to become an integral part of those communities we serve, upholding high standards and strong ethics in all that we do.
  • We are an organization which values and supports our donors and volunteers as true partners in our Mission.