Program Structure and Requirements

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Interns participate in two clinical rotations, each of which consists of five days and lasts for six months. Specific training experiences are collaboratively determined based on individual interests and program needs. To graduate from the internship, interns are required to accrue a minimum of 2000 hours of program participation over the course of the year. They also are expected to fulfill the following requirements and demonstrate competence in each of the areas listed below.

Clinical Services

Interns are expected to provide four patient contact hours per day (20 hours per week). Depending on the rotation and the vagaries of testing assignments, this will typically involve:

  • 12-15 hours of outpatient groups per week
  • 2-5 hours of individual therapy sessions per week
  • Face-to-face testing time (as assigned)

Interns are also required to attend Staff, Team and Performance Improvement meetings at their rotation sites.

Didactic activities

4 hours of clinical supervision per week

2 hours of seminars and other didactic activities per week

1-2 hours of curriculum and/or program development per week

1-2 hours of research activity per week