Evaluation and Feedback

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Interns receive written competency-based performance evaluations at the middle and end of the internship year. Interns are also given the opportunity at the end of the year to provide a written evaluation of their supervisors and of the internship program so that we can enhance the experience of future interns.

Interns have two hours per week of supervision (group and individual) with the Training Director. If an intern experiences problems or is dissatisfied with any aspect of the internship, he/she is encouraged to speak to the Internship Director. Usually informal grievance procedures result in a satisfactory resolution of any complaint. If not, the internship has a formal grievance and due process procedure that is made available to interns at the beginning of the training year.

For more information on the Princeton House Behavioral Health Psychology Internship Program policy on intern evaluation, grievances and management of problematic performance or conduct, please download the PDF document below.