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Telepsychiatry Services

Telepsychiatry is defined as the use of remote telecommunications to overcome geographic distances between psychiatrists and other healthcare practitioners or between psychiatrists and their patients.  It is live, interactive audio and visual communication that is attained through videoconferencing to represent a reasonable alternative to the traditional face-to-face psychiatrist-patient encounter.  Princeton House Behavioral Health psychiatrists can perform their tasks via one member of the multidisciplinary team at your facility.  The PHBH professional providing the service at your site is licensed by the State of New Jersey, as well as within the state of the facility receiving services.

Telepsychiatry is now recognized as a legitimate form of medical treatment by medical societies including the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association, and has been used in various forms for over a decade.

Princeton House Behavioral Health utilizes advanced equipment made by TANBERG, a leader in videoconferencing technology. Choices in system configuration allow for high-definition video systems, wall-mounted units, desktop units and a portable intern cart which can be utilized anywhere via a live Wi-Fi internet connection.   Telepsych-cart 

This service can offer your organization unique solutions to meet the mental health needs of your community.  Through recent innovations in technology, we can help to break down treatment barriers and make care more accessible. 

Collaborating with Princeton House provides you with easy-to-use services to meet your growing demand for psychiatric care.

Telepsychiatry is most beneficial:

  • In school and crisis settings when a quick psychiatric assessment is needed
  • When there is a lack of available psychiatric staff
  • In maintaining high patient care standards in the late evening and overnight hours when staffing may be lighter
  • As a psychiatric evaluation and consultation service
    For questions about telepsychiatry, please call us at 609.688.3218