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Women's Trauma

Princeton, North Brunswick, Hamilton and Moorestown

The Women's Trauma Program is a comprehensive, innovative model of treatment for women who are suffering from the impact of trauma or abuse.  Traumatic experiences may include long-term psychological, sexual, physical or verbal abuse, as well as rape or domestic violence. Traditional programs for women who have experienced trauma often exclusively focus on treating psychiatric symptoms instead of addressing the underlying causes of the problems. In Princeton House Behavioral Health's program, women are encouraged to understand the relationship between their symptoms, coping strategies, and the traumatic events in their lives.

Program goals include:

  • Establishing and maintaining safety
  • Teaching basic coping and relationship-building skills
  • Facilitating healthy ways of managing emotion
  • Building self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety, and bi-polar disorders, as well as the full spectrum of traumatic disorders

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