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Does the Adult Partial Hospital Program differ from other partial hospital programs?

Yes. As the name implies, the Adult Partial Hospital Program is designed to treat adults, both men and women, for whom the main focus of their illness is mood and anxiety symptoms. Participants are admitted to the program to treat these problems and related life and relationship issues, such as divorce or separation, career issues, family issues and self-esteem.

Can I only get into the Adult Partial Hospital or Intensive Outpatient programs if I am referred from the hospital?

No. Many patients are referred directly to Adult Partial Hospital or Intensive Outpatient Treatment by their therapists or psychiatrists as an alternative to inpatient treatment, thereby avoiding a hospital stay.

What is a partial hospital treatment day like?

Typically, a partial hospital treatment day within the Adult Partial Hospital program includes five group sessions, each with a different focus. Some groups are psychotherapy groups, where participants are encouraged to bring up and discuss current feelings and struggles they are having. Other groups are psychoeducational. That is, they aim to help patients by educating them about aspects of illness, wellness and coping techniques that can be employed to help manage the symptoms of their illness.

Will I see a psychiatrist?

Yes. As part of the admission process to the program, all patients meet with a psychiatrist for an assessment of symptoms, strengths and needs. The patient will meet at regular intervals with this psychiatrist throughout his or her treatment.

How many days per week must I attend and for how long?

While each patients' treatment is different, based upon his or her individual needs, patients generally attend Partial hospital treatment four to five days per week,  depending on their progress and individual needs. Intensive outpatient treatment is generally three days per week.  On average, patients are in treatment for a total of 6-8 weeks. Patients can begin at a Partial or Intensive outpatient  Level of care once an an evaluation is completed.

Who will I be in group therapy with?

Most patients in the Adult Partial Hospital Program have either a mood disorder, such as major depression or bipolar disorder, or an anxiety disorder, such as panic disorder or generalized anxiety disorder. All patients are adults, generally working or filling other functional roles in their lives, who have been diagnosed with an "acute" episode of illness. That is, there is a reasonable expectation that their illness can be treated and will improve significantly within a moderate amount of time and they can return to a productive life.

What should I do if I want more information on the program or if I am considering this treatment program?

Please call the Princeton House Behavioral Health location nearest you. Click here for a list of locations and phone numbers.