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Adult Addiction Recovery Intensive Outpatient

Princeton/Adults, North Brunswick, Moorestown and Hamilton

The Adult Addiction Recovery Intensive Outpatient Program is designed to meet the unique clinical needs of adults who are suffering from substance abuse or addiction issues.  This is an evidence-based treatment program customized to meet each person's unique needs in the process of recovery.

Princeton House offers programming with varying hours to meet the real-life scheduling needs of our patients

  • Evening Program: Typically offered from 5:30pm - 8:30pm three days per week in North Brunswick and Hamilton. Program hours for the Princeton location are 6:00pm-9:00 pm
  • Day-time Program: Offered from 9:30am - 12:30pm three days per week in Princeton and Moorestown.

Program Goals

  • Achieve and maintain abstinence from addictive substances
  • Improve coping and problem solving skills, including emotion management
  • Enhance functioning at home, work and school, including resolving relationship difficulties
  • Maintain physical well-being
  • Restore lifestyle balance and stability for participants

Program Features

  • Comprehensive evaluation and medical management by Board Certified Psychiatrist
  • Anti-craving medications, if indicated
  • Group and Individual counseling
  • Evidence-based techniques, motivational interviewing, as well as education regarding a traditional 12-step approach
  • Family therapy and education
  • Urine Drug Screens (as clinically indicated)