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Adolescent After-School Intensive Outpatient Program

North Brunswick, Moorestown and Hamilton

The Adolescent After-School Program is designed for adolescents with psychiatric problems and/or substance abuse that significantly impair functioning at school or at home. Adolescents attend the three hour program from 3:30pm - 6:30pm three days per week.  Transportation is available to pick up students from schools within defined areas.

Princeton House offers programming designed to meet individual need:

  • Psychiatric: Adolescents who are seeking help for a variety of acute emotional and behavioral problems find the support necessary to regain stability and return to improved functioning at home and school
  • Co-Occurring: Adolescents who experience both psychiatric and substance abuse problems find better ways to regain emotional stability and achieve abstinence.
  • Substance Abuse Adolescents whose primary problem is substance use will learn about the disease concept of addiction and will work toward abstinence through incorporating healthy alternative behaviors

Program Goals

  • Stabilize psychiatric symptoms
  • Improve stress management and learn effective coping skills
  • Establish and maintain sobriety

Program Features

  • Comprehensive medical management by Board Certified Child Psychiatrist
  • Multi-Family Support Group
  • Group Psychotherapy, Psycho-Education and Expressive Group Therapies
  • Urine Drug Screens (as clinically indicated)