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How long is the program?

The inpatient length of stay at Princeton House Behavioral Health varies depending on each patient's needs and treatment program. Princeton House Behavioral Health specializes in short-term, acute behavioral healthcare.

What should I bring for an inpatient stay?

When preparing for an inpatient stay, it is important to bring casual clothes for daytime wear and sleepwear for nighttime. Do not bring any valuable jewelry or property, electronic devices, cameras, tape recorders or portable stereos.

What types of insurance does Princeton House Behavioral Health accept?

Princeton House Behavioral Health accepts Medicaid and Medicare and is in network with most commercial insurance plans.

Can I bring a cell phone, computer and/or television?

Because our patients have a very busy treatment schedule, they are asked to leave cell phones, computers, personal stereos and televisions at home.

When are visiting hours?

Visiting hours vary by program. Our admissions staff provides that information to patients and family members on admission.

Can we smoke during the program?

There are regularly scheduled, designated smoke breaks when patients can go outside to a designated area to smoke; however, there is no smoking on the unit, during programs, or anywhere inside. It is against hospital rules for patients to smoke except outside in designated areas during the smoking break periods. Smokers who are interested in quitting will be provided with information on ways to accomplish this. We are committed to patient comfort and will help those patients who wish to quit smoking who also have symptoms of withdrawal to find ways to manage any discomfort, including nicotine replacement, when appropriate, and group support.