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Adult Addiction Recovery

Establishing a support system that promotes ongoing recovery and stability is a critical part of recovery.  At Princeton House Behavioral Health, we help you learn how to build and rely on such a system and to develop a variety of coping skills to prevent relapse.

In the Addiction Recovery Program at Princeton House Behavioral Health, every patient admitted to the unit has the following contacts with our multi-disciplinary treatment team as a general standard of care:

  • Board Certified Psychiatrist or Advanced Practice Nurse that completes a psychiatric history and physical, followed by individual sessions and medication management 5-6 days a week.
  • Registered Nurses that complete an initial patient assessment, and shift assessments three times a day as part of an around-the-clock nursing model.
  • A Social Worker or Licensed Clinical Drug and Alcohol Counselor who completes a social service assessments, daily group therapy and individual/family therapy.
  • Master’s Level Allied Therapy Clinicians that complete an activities assessment and daily therapies including art, music, dance and recreational activities.
  • A Registered Dietician that completes an initial dietary assessment and is available for consultation as often as needed throughout the patient’s stay.
  • A Clinical Pharmacist is also available for consultation on every case.  Additionally, a Medication Education group is conducted during a patient’s stay.
  • Patients requiring general additional medical care also have access to a team of Primary Care Physicians led by an ASAM Certified General Practitioner.

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