Adolescent Inpatient Program FAQs

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How long is the program?

PH Adolescents 3 Individual lengths of stay vary depending on which level of care is required and on the needs of the adolescent and family members.

What do we talk about in family sessions?

Our goal is to facilitate improved communication in families to enhance recovery and promote a healthier lifestyle for all. We respect each individual's right to privacy as long as there is not an imminent risk of self-harm or injury to others.

What about school?

For patients who are unable to maintain their usual school schedule (those in inpatient care or a partial hospital program), Princeton House Behavioral Health has certified teachers who provide two hours of education daily. Our teachers work closely with each patient's school district to help patients maintain their academic standing.

Are there cigarette breaks?

No. It is against hospital rules for adolescents to smoke during the program. Smokers who are interested in quitting will be provided with information on ways to accomplish this. We are empathetic to patients who have symptoms of withdrawal and will help them find ways to handle and manage any discomfort.

Do you do drug screening?

Yes. In any of our programs with an addiction recovery focus, random drug testing is a program component.

Is there transportation available?

No. Princeton House does not provide transportation for Inpatient hospitalization.  We do provide transportation to our Outpatient sites. Please contact the PHBH location nearest you for more information.  Phone numbers and locations can be found by clicking here.