Samuel J. de Turo Gives Thanks for Life-Saving Care Through Annual Giving

Samuel J. de Turo, Jr. owes his life to the speedy treatment he received at University Medical Center at Princeton.  The owner of Woodwinds, a family tree care company, Sam had always been healthy and active.  Then he had a heart attack.  “At first, I couldn’t believe this was happening to me,” he said.

Care from University Medical Center at Princeton Lets Sam Fully Enjoy Life

That was 17 years ago. Today, Sam is doing great, and has become a staunch supporter of Princeton HealthCare System. “I did better than just survive the heart attack that struck me down. Thanks to the ongoing care I am receiving and the specialized skills of the cardiac rehabilitation team at University Medical Center at Princeton, I am fully enjoying my life. I never take for granted how wonderful it is to step outdoors and walk among the trees.”

Sam has also visited University Medical Center on happier occasions. Three of his children and three of his grandchildren were born there.

Woodwinds and University Medical Center at Princeton share many of the same values, according to Sam. Both are committed to staying updated through the latest scientific research, and both belief that the personal touch is crucial. “At University Medical Center at Princeton, you receive the same type of personal care you expect from a neighbor or a lifelong friend,” he said.

Sam Shows his Gratitude through Annual Giving

Sam shows his gratitude to Princeton HealthCare System by supporting annual giving. “We are lucky to have, right in our community, a hospital that’s nationally recognized for the quality of its care. I believe the hospital is the one service that every one of us, or someone we love, will need at some time in our lives.”