Current Needs at Princeton HealthCare System

Current needs at Princeton HealthCare System include funding for the following at University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro:

  • Support for immunizations, wellness visits and parent health education classes, to improve the health of our pediatric patients (30% of the Clinic's patient volume).
  • Enhancement of PHCS's Diabetes Care and Patient Management Program. PHCS has experienced a dramatic increase in the number of patients with diabetes. Additional support would provide diabetes education, counseling, and follow-up to help these patients learn to self-manage their disease and lead healthier lives.
  • Subsidies for bus and taxi fares for patients who reside in surrounding communities who lack adequate funds for transportation to scheduled clinic visits, thereby increasing the chance of costly ED visits or even hospital admissions.
  • Subsidies to defray the expense for prescription medications for underinsured and uninsured patients suffering from asthma, diabetes, and other prevalent conditions. Providing needed medications will allow clinic patients to maintain their well-being.
  • Continued high quality Community Health Education and Outreach Programs. PHCS serves over 30,000 individuals in the community through a series of preventive lectures, screenings and support groups for those living with cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other conditions.