Design for Healing Campaign Donors

$999 and under

Alphabetical order by last name:

Individuals A-B C-E F-H I-L M-O P-R S-V W-Z


Individuals — M to O

Yiwen Ma
Mr. Bo Feng and Dr. Yuhua Ma
Mr. and Mrs. Akka Ma
Ms. Jen Ma
Mr. and Mrs. Jen F. Maa
Wendy and Joe Maas
Ms. Annemarie Maass
Mr. William Mac Donald
Jerry and Ellen Mac Lean
Ms. Arlene M. Macaione
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Macari
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas MacCagnan
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo F. Macchia
Mr. Donald MacCormack
Mr. and Mrs. John B. MacDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Lane MacDonald
Susan Macera, RN
Mr. and Mrs. John MacInnes
Ms. Helen R. Mackenzie
Mr. David M. Mackey
Ms. Marcia MacKillop
Ms. Joan C. Mackin
Ms. Karen P. Mackolin
Paul and Barbara Macks
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond D. MacNaul
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Macris
Mr. Scott MacRobbie
Ms. Anna Maculaitis
Ms. Felicia Maddaluno
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Madeo
Ms. Jean Madia
Lola Madsen
Mr. and Mrs. Dominick L. Maffei
Dr. Steven Maffei
Mr. Robert R. Maffei
Ms. Ann G. Magee
Fred and Gail Magee
Mr. and Mrs. James Maggio
Ms. E. Susan Magill
Ms. Danette Magilligan
Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Maglio
Kristen and Christopher Magro
 Ann Marie Maguire and Family
Mary Maguire, RN
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Mahan
Mr. and Mrs. Mahesh Swaminathan
Mr. Thomas W. Mahle and Ms. Elizabeth E. Butt
Ms. Linda Mahler and Mr. Edward J. Champlin
Dr. Barbara Mahon
Mr. Thomas L. Mahoney
Mr. Yuheng Chen and Ms. Liumei Mai
Gary Mailman and Emily Mann
Ms. Anahit Mailyan
Ms. Cheryl Maines
Ms. Tammy Maioriello
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Maisel
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Maitoza
John and Juanita Majeran
Barbara and James Majeski
Mr. and Mrs. James Major
Barbara A. Majoros, LCSW
Ann Marie Maldarelli, RN
Mr. Louis M. Maldera
Ms. Rosemary Maldonado
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Malek
Mr. and Mrs. Khurram Malik
Dr. and Mrs. Parvaiz A. Malik
Bill, Donna, Cole and Ryan Malinowski
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Malinske
Ms. Janet Malkemes
Ms. Regina Malkiewicz
Mr. and Mrs. Marek Malkowski
Mr. William Mallek and Mr. Edwin Markano
Mr. and Mrs. Srinivas Mallem
Ms. Diane Maller
Mr. and Mrs. William Malloy
Ms. Patricia A. Malone
Ms. Kelly A. Maloney
Mr. and Mrs. Cristopher J. Maloney
Ms. Diana M. Maloney
Mrs. A. Malovany
Ms. Marie Maman
Mrs. Mary Mamer
Ms. Jess Mamer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Mamer
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Mamrak
Ms. JoAnn Mancini
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Manco
LMS Marketing, Inc.
Bert and Joanna Mandelbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Indur B. Mandhyan
Mr. and Mrs. Nirmal Manerikar
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Mangano
Bill and Mickey Mangieri
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Mangini
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Mangini
Mrs. Albrina Mangone
Ms. Elaine Manheim
Mr. and Mrs. Mario Maniscalchi
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard A. Manley
Robert and Constance Mann Greiff
Mary Ann and Anthony Manna
Mr. Vasant Manna and Ms. Sradha Gobin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Manning
Ms. Arlene F. Manning
Ms. Patricia A. Mannion
Dennis and Beverly Mansfield
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Mansier
Ms. Marie Manukas
Ms. Ling Mao
Charles F. Mapes, Jr.
Ms. Maureen Marchetta
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Marchio
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Marcino
Mr. Richard T. Marcino
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Marco
Mr. Otto F. Marcoline
Ms. Virginia M. Marcols
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Marcucci, Jr.
Ms. Eve Marcus
Mrs. Carol W. Marder
Ms. L. J. Marder-Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Marecek
Charles J. and Mary Ann Margiotti, III
Mr. Richard M. Margolis
Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn J. Margott
Dr. and Mrs. Craig Margulies
Sandra and Phil Mariani
Hugo and Angelica Mariani
Marianne Mariani, RN
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Mariboe
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Marinaccio
Ms. Deborah Marino
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marino
Mr. Joseph E. Marion
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Marioni
Mr. David F. Mark and Mrs. Joyce L. Mark
Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Markovitz
Mr. David Markowitz
Dr. and Mrs. James S. Marks
Ms. Mary Ann Marks
Ms. Marie A. Marks
Ms. Mitzi Marks
Ms. Florence Marks
Mike and Nancy Marley
Mrs. Mary Marlowe
Ms. Elisabeth S. Marlowe
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Marmora
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Maroney
Ms. Anita G. Maroon
Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Marquez
Ms. Dortha Marquis
Mr. and Mrs. Antony Marr
Ms. Sandra Marra
Mr. Frederick S. Marrazzo
Ms. Monique E. Marsh
Mr. and Mrs. Pat F. Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Marshall, Jr.
Mr. James Marshall and Ms. Susan Landwehr
Ms. Jodie A. Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Marshall, Sr.
George and Penny Martakis
Mr. and Mrs. Neil J. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Wade Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Gean W. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory T. Martin
Edwin and Joan Martin
Ms. Jean Martin
Kathryn H. Martin
Mr. Ronald Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Martine
Mrs. Julianne Martinette
Ms. Linda Martinetti
Ms. Ruth Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. Erick A. Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. William Martinez
Mr. Pedro Martinez
Ms. Rosie Martinez
Mrs. Lisa A. Martino
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Marton
Mr. John Martucci
Mr. Rocco F. Maruca, Sr.
Ms. Sally Maruca
Donald and Sandra Marut
Mr. David J. Marut
Ms. Mary Marzolini
Ms. Geraldine Marzullo
Ms. Ana M. Mascaro
Mr. and Mrs. Keith M. Maslanik
Mr. Lawrence D. Maslow
Mr. and Mrs. Todd W. Maslowski
Ms. Joyce M. Maso
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Mason
Donald E. Mason
Mrs. Dorothy Mason
Verice M. Mason, Esq.
Ms. Audrey D. Mason
Ms. Jacoba M. Mass
Ms. Mary Massa
Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Massa
Dr. Carolyn E. Massad
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Massell
Mr. and Mrs. Gino Massimi
Ms. Jimmie Mast
Ms. Edythe E. Masten
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Masterpol
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Masterson
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Masterson, III
Mr. and Mrs. Vito M. Mastro
Joan Mastrobattista
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mastroberardino
Ms. Margaret Mastrodomenico
Mr. and Mrs. Waldo G. Mastroly
Ms. Michelle A. Mastromonica
Mrs. Dolores Matarese and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Mathes
Val and Martha Mathews
Mr. Justin Mathews
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Mattey
Greg and Anne Elise Matthews
Ms. Margaret M. Matthews
Mr. and Mrs. James Matthews
Mr. Bill Matthies and Ms. Mary Forte
Ms. Diane Mattioli
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Mattis
Ms. Claire Matula
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Matuszewski
Mr. Nicholas F. Maul
Clifford and Sara Maurer
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey M. Maurer
Lt. and Mrs. David S. Maurer
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Maxted
Ms. Joan A. Maybury
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Mayer
Ms. Melodee Mayer-Fleischer
Ms. Margaret A. Mayers
Mr. Richard J. Maylander and Ms. Kathleen McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Maylie
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mayo
Mr. Stanley Maziarz
Joseph and Nancy Mazotas
Ms. Mary Jo Mazotas
Ms. Evelyn M. Mazur
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Mazza
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mazzeo
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mazzola
Professor and Mrs. James M. Mc Pherson
Ms. Mary McAllister
Mr. and Mrs. Howard McAnney
Ms. Jane R. McAteer
Maureen McAteer, RN
Ms. Clarice McBarnette
Mrs. Millicent McBride
Ms. Mary J. McBride
Ms. Dorothy J. McCabe
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin H. McCabe
Ms. Lucille R. McCahan
Mrs. Carol McCall
Ms. Noreen McCall
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. McCall, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. McCall
Mr. Scott McCallister
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey McCandless
Mr. Thomas McCandless
Ms. Suzan McCarten
Ms. Alice McCarthy
Mr. John F. McCarthy, Jr.
Mrs. Katherine McCarthy
Mrs. Blanche A. McCarthy
Ms. Jeanne R. McCarthy
Ms. Judith R. McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. James J. McCarthy
Ms. Agnes M. McCarthy
Ms. Naomi E. McCarty
Dr. Donald S. McClure
Mr. James J. McCluskey
Mr. and Mrs. Gary B. McConnell
Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Mc Connell
Mr. and Mrs. Dale McCook
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. McCool
Mr. James W. McCrae
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene T. McCray
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. McCrohan
Mike and Anne McCrory
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. McCullam
Ms. Patricia McCurdy
Mrs. Dorothy R. McCusker
Mr. David P. Barranco and Ms. Christie McDade
Mr. and Mrs. William H. McDermott, III
Mr. John McDonald and Ms. Susan G. Peters
Mr. and Mrs. George N. McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Mark McDonough
Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. McDougall
Mr. and Mrs. R. Bruce McElhone
Bill and Lisa McElroy
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. McEnroe, Jr.
Mr. Winston McFarlane
Mr. and Mrs. Halteman C. McFarlane
Michael and Judith McGaffin
Doris and Tom McGean
Mr. Michael E. Mcghee
Ms. Jeannine McGhie
Mr. and Mrs. Guy T. McGillan
Mr. and Mrs. John F. McGoldrick
Ms. Mary McGonegal
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy F. McGough
Ms. Frances D. McGough
Mr. Robert J. McGowan
Ms. Dorothe McGowan
Mr. and Mrs. David McGrail
Mr. and Mrs. Brian T. McGrath
Ms. Laura McGrath
Ms. Diane Y. McGrath
Ms. Karen A. McGrath
Ms. Mary E. McGreevy
Ms. Nancy McGreevy
Bill and Linda McGregor
Mrs. Marliss M. McGuiness
Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. McGuirk
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar T. McHenry, Jr.
Ms. Patricia A. McHenry
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. McInerney
Mr. and Mrs. Brian McIntee
Mr. and Mrs. Martin McIntyre
Jim and Maryann McKee
John and Cindy McKeever
Ms. Barbara J. McKeever
Mr. and Mrs. Luther P. McKellar
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew G. McKenna
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. McKeown, Jr.
Fran McKinley, RN
Mr. Ronald G. McKinley and Ms. Judith D. Ferlise
Ms. Lisa A. McKinney
Ms. Alfreda McKinnis
Mr. and Mrs. John M. McKnight
Mr. Robert N. McLane
Mrs. John McLaren
Mr. and Mrs. George H. McLaughlin, II
Ms. James McLean
Mr. and Mrs. John McLean
Dolores and Michael McMahon
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. McManimon, III
Mr. and Mrs. F. P. McManimon
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. McManus
Ms. Lori McMullen
Ms. Eve McNamara
Ms. Delores McNeese
Ms. June McNeill
Mr. and Mrs. Paul V. McNelly
Mr. and Mrs. John A. McPhee
Mr. Ephraim McPherson
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse McPherson
Ms. Dolores McPhillips
Ms. Tilmeena McQuillar
Mr. and Mrs. William A. McQuoid
Mr. and Mrs. John L. McShane
Maureen McSorley and Dr. Hemant Srivastava
Mr. and Mrs. John McWilliams
Ms. Nancy Meacham
Mr. David M. Meadow and Ms. Lisa R. Mirin
Christopher and Andrea Mecray
Alan and Linda Medici
Ms. Lisa A. Mednik
Mr. and Mrs. Jon T. Meek
Ms. Janet Meerbott
Mr. Nimish J. Vora and Ms. Mita K. Mehta
Mr. Darshan Mehta
Mr. and Mrs. Ashish Mehta
Ms. Anne R. Meibohm
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Meighan
Ms. Seth A. Meisel
Linda and Arthur Meisel
Mr. Gerard M. Meistrell
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Meixler
Mr. Stephen Melchior and Ms. Lisa Tindall
Howard and Grace Mele
Ms. Donna Melillo
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Melker
Ms. Elena E. Melnik
Ms. Emanuella Melone
The Honorable Gino A. Melone
Ms. Karen Meloney
Mr. and Mrs. Decio Mendes
Mr. Ted Mendrzycki
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Menken
David and Barbara Mennel
Marie C. Menos
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Mento
Ms. Dolores Menzaco
Mr. and Mrs. James Meraglia
Mr. and Mrs. Lorand Meray
Ms. Judy Mercel
Mr. Brian Mercer
Mr. William Mercurio
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond R. Merendino
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Merk
Mr. Morton Merkin
Mr. Fowler Merle-Smith
Ms. Victoria J. Merlo
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Merlo
Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Mernagh
Ms. Ann Merola
Ms. Tasha Merrill
Mr. Edward C. Merrill
Ms. Ginny E. Merrill
John and Nancy Merritt
Mrs. Ann Merritt
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Merritt
Ms. Evelyn E. Merritt
Mrs. Elizabeth H. Mershon
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph E. Mershon, Jr.
Mrs. Marie M. Merson
Ms. Kristine Merten
Mr. Gary Mertz
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Mertz
Ms. Svetlana Merzhevskiy
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Meserall
Mr. Dennis J. Meseroll
Mrs. Helen W. Meseroll
Mr. Gerald Messerschmidt and Mrs. Lisa G. Malseed
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Messersmith
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Messineo
Frank and Dee Mesto and Family
B. F. Graham and Ted Meth
Ms. Helen D. Metter
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Metzel
Mr. Edward C. Meyer
Mr. Morton Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Meyer
Mr. Richard Meyers
Ms. Florence Meyers
Mr. Lee Meyerson
Ms. Marion Mezzetti
Ms. Barbara B. Micari
Ms. Judy Michaels
Ms. Esther Michaels
Mrs. Mary L. Michalowski
Ms. Marion R. Michel
Ms. Helen Michna
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Ciconte
Ms. Joan M. Migliaccio
Mr. and Mrs. Domenic Migliaccio
Ms. Lucille J. Migliaccio
Ms. Veronica Mignott
Mrs. Irene Mihalyfi
Ms. Carol Mihm
Mr. and Mrs. Magdi Mikhail
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Mikula
Ms. Rosalie Milazzo
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Miles
Ms. Evelyn E. Miles
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Miller
Natalie and Lorimer Miiller
Joseph and Rose Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Miller
Bernard and Ruth Miller
Mr. Thomas Miller
Ms. Barbara K. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Miller
Mr. Arthur E. Miller
Debra L. Miller, RN
Mr. Anthony H. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce P. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Miller
Mr. John Miller
Mr. Lance Miller
Ms. Marie L. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Miller
Ms. Patricia Miller
Stephanie and Bill Miller
Mr. and Mrs. David Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn R. Miller
Ms. Kathryn Anne Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Martin G. Miller, III
Ms. Pauline Marcia Miller
Ms. Marie A. Miller
Ms. Nancy Miller
Mrs. and Mrs. Richard M. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Miller
Mrs. Bernice Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Miller
Ms. Janet Sue Miller
Ms. Louise Miller
Ms. Margaret P. Miller
Mrs. Nancy Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip T. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Miller
Ms. Jacqueline Miller
Ms. Lori E. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Millin
Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Millios
Mr. Antonio Millis
Ms. Bernice T. Mills
Mr. and Mrs. R. Mills
Ms. Patricia A. Milosz
Mr. John P. Minar
Virginia L. Miner
Ms. Alison Minkler
Mr. and Mrs. R. Timothy Minkler
Mr. Armand Mintanciyan
Mr. Harris Richter and Ms. Cheryl Mintz
Mr. Samuel K. Miran
Mr. S. Manuel Miranda
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Mirenberg
Ms. Gale Mirzayanov
Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus D. Misiura
Mrs. Edith Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Mitchell
Mr. James Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Mitchell
Diane Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney L. Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. John Mitko
Mr. and Mrs. Sol Mix
Mr. Stephen W. Mlinaz
Mrs. Virginia H. Mlinaz
Ms. Barbara J. Mochel
Ms. Rachana Mody
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne T. Modzelewski
Mr. and Mrs. Chester S. Modzelewski
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Moeller
Mr. and Mrs. Jay P. Moffat
Ms. Stacey E. Moglia
Mr. Sami S. Mohammed
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Mohlenhoff
Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Mohr
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moir
Ms. Irina A. Mokina
Ms. Michaela M. Mole
Ms. Mari Molenaar and Mr. Warren Fioretti
Stella C. Molineros, RN
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Moll
Mrs. Henrietta Mollins
Ms. Karen B. Molnar
Mr. P. Molo
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Monahan
Ms. Elaine Monastersky
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Monfasani
Mr. and Mrs. Mark V. Monkhouse
Ms. Delores C. Monroe
Mrs. Theresa Montagna
Ms. Christine Montagna
Ms. Joan B. Montague
Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Montanelli
Ms. Deborah A. Monteforte
Kristen Montefusco, RN
Ms. Esabel Monteiro
Dianne and Frank Montero
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Montes
Mr. and Mrs. Harry P. Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Montgomery
Mr. Roderick Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Warren I. Moo
Mr. Philip L. Moody
Mr. Bill Moody
Mr. Ward Mooney
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Mooney
Maxine Ruth Moore
Ms. Alesha M. Moore
Ms. Gisela Moore
Mr. Gordon P. Moore
Mrs. Lisa Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Roger V. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Moore
Ms. Libba Moore
Mr. William C. Moore
Mr. William G. Moorehead
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Moorin
Mr. Ramesh Moorthy
Mr. and Mrs. A. Lloyd Moote
Ms. Taina Morales
Mr. Mariano Morales
Ms. Corinne Morandi
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Morawetz
Ms. Joan Mordes
Mr. Michael Morecraft and Ms. Lujean M. Bonham
Ms. Veronica E. Morehouse
Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Morelli
Ms. MaryAnn Morettoni
Mr. and Mrs. A. Perry Morgan, Jr.
Ms. Patricia Morgan
Ms. Sarah Morgenstein
Mr. Edward T. Moriarity
Ms. Helen Mormando and Mr. Peter P. Giuliano
Mr. Frank Morreale
Mr. and Mrs. David Morris
Mary Beth and Ed Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Mac G. Morris
Dave and Karen Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne P. Morris
Les and Carolyn Morris
Mr. Koi Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Karl F. Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Morrison
Ms. Mildred L. Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Morrissey
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morroni and Family
Ms. Ruth W. Morrow
Mrs. Louise J. Morse
Mr. H. M. Morse
Ms. Nancy B. Morse
Ms. Ruth M. Mortensen
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Morton
Mr. and Mrs. Gajanan Morwale
Mr. and Mrs. Mihai Mos
Ms. Helen Mosca
Mrs. Ida Moscioni
Ms. Sue A. Moseley
Ms. Jean Moses
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Moses
Mr. and Mrs. Martin M. Mosho
Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Moskow
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Moskowitz
Mr. Ernest T. Mosley
Ms. Alma Mosovich
Mr. Steve Moss
Mrs. Olfat M. Mostafa
Richard and Margery Mott
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Moulton
Mrs. Lois Mount
Mr. and Mrs. Frank F. Mountcastle, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Mountford
Mr. Walter N. Moyer
Lori and Bob Mozenter & Family
Ms. Ella A. Mucenieks
Dr. Peter S. Mueller
Mrs. Ruth Mueller
Mr. David Mueller
Mr. Dawud Muhsin
Ms. Rose Mukkadan
Ms. Mithra Mukundan
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Muldowney, III
Mr. Michael Mullahey
Ms. Clara Muller
Mr. Bernard Muller
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Muller
Dr. Guy S. Mullin
Mr. Homer S. Mullins
Ms. Jennifer Reale Mulvihill
Ms. Emily Mumford
Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Mundt
Mrs. Kamelia Munger
Mr. Jose G. Munoz, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David Munro
Patrick and Marianna Munsey
Ms. Kristine Munster
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Murawski, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Scott H. Murdoch
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Murdza
Jean C. Murphy
Mr. John S. Murphy
Ms. Marilyn L. Murphy
Eddie and Jennie Murphy
The Murphy Family
Ms. Patricia A. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Murphy
Ms. Joan Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Murphy
Ms. Rita Lavin Murray
Steve and Maggie Murray
Penny and Tom Murray
Mrs. Holt Murray
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Murrills
Mr. and Mrs. James Muscato
Ms. Victoria Musetti
Mr. and Mrs. Aamir J. Musharraf
Ms. M. Suzanne Musselman
Mr. and Mrs. Mario Musso
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Muszynski
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mutchnick
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Mutinsky
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Myers
Mr. Christopher Myers
Mrs. Harriet H. Myers
Mr. Melvin Myers
Mrs. Dorothy L. Myers
Mr. and Mrs. F. Gordon Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Myers
Mrs. Harriet H. Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Russ Mykytyn
Mr. Welser Nabosse
Mr. and Mrs. Al Nace
Mr. and Mrs. Rao M. Nacharaju
Ms. Charlotte Nad
Adam Naddelman, M.D.
Joseph E. Nadeau and Rosemary Nadeau
Ms. Supriya Nadkarni
Mr. Steven G. Nadler
Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Nadler
Mr. Roman Nadtochy
Srikanth and Suba S. Nagarajan
Mr. Yasir Nagarwala and Ms. Hina F. Ahmed
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Nagin
Mr. and Mrs. Radhey Nagpal
Mr. Gregory Nagy and Ms. Patricia Lange
Arben Jusufi and Jina Nahavandi-Jusufi
Richard and Karin Naimark
Ms. Anny Najecki
Mrs. Kazuko Nakayama
Mr. Srinivas Nakkalakshmi
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Nall
Rayudu Nallanukala
Joo H. Nam
Mrs. Karla Nami
Mr. Srinatha Nanjundaiah
Mr. Thomas A. Nappa
Mr. and Mrs. Bart Nappa
Dr. Christopher Naraine
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent A. Nardone
Mr. and Mrs. Vijay H. Naringrekar
Mr. and Mrs. Luiz C. Nascimento
Ms. Lisa Nash
The Nass Family
Mr. Paul D. Nassau
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Nasta
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Nastro
Mr. and Mrs. Narayanan Natarajan
Dr. Karl J. Natriello
Ms. Laurie K. Navin
Mr. Thomas R. Navin
Ms. Lorraine F. Nawrocik
Ms. Dhanya Nayak
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Naylor
Mr. William Nazario and Ms. Maria D. Lugo-Hernandez
Ms. Elmira T. Nazombe
Ms. Jennifer Neas
Mr. Greg Nease and Ms. Debra L. Dodson
Mr. Richard Needham
Ms. Susan M. Neider
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Neiditch
Ms. Edith D. Neimark
Dorothy and Jim Nelmes
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne K. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Nelson
Mr. Raymond Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Nelson
Mrs. Eleanor Nelson
Mr. Robert A. Nelson
Ms. Karin Nelson McAnlis
Mr. and Mrs. Amitabh Nema
Joseph and Della Nemes, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nemes
Ms. Barbara Ann Nemet
Ms. G. Susan Nemeth
Mr. and Mrs. Milind V. Nerurkar
Ms. Erna G. Nesbitt
Ms. Theodora Nessas
Beverly S. Nester
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Nester
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Nestor
Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Neuburg
Ms. Judy Neuman
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Pamela Neuman
Jennifer Neumann, RN
Mr. Charles Neumeyer
Mrs. Carol K. Neuss
Sydney and Lee Neuwirth
Dr. and Mrs. Leonard M. Nevins
Mr. Robert Myers and Ms. Alison Newcamp
Ms. Marcia L. Newcombe
Gregory C. Newell, PE-Nave Newell, Inc.
Ms. Laura H. Newell
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Newland, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Rainer Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Newman
Mr. Irving Newman and Ms. Myra Weiner
Ms. Catherine J. Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Newman
Dr. and Mr. Yuk-Bing Ng
Ms. Mei M. Ng
Mrs. Yeena Ng
Faith G. Niarchos
Ms. Joan R. Nichols
Mr. Sunday Nickson
Elise H. Nicol
Mr. and Mrs. Remo Nicolai
Mr. Mike Nicoletti
The Nictakis Family
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Niederer
Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Niedzwiecki
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Niemczyk
Mr. Jose M. Nieveras
Mr. and Mrs. Augustin Nieves
Mr. and Mrs. Casimir R. Nijander
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Nikop
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Nini
Ms. Joanne L. Nini
Mr. and Mrs. Dante B. Nini
Ms. Anne M. Ninneman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Nistad
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo A. Nitti
Mrs. Catherine Niwore
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy R. Nix
John and Peggy Nix
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Noble
Ms. Carla M. Noce
Ms. Linda Nolan
Ms. Brigitte O. Noll
Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Nolledo
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Noona
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Noonan
Dr. and Mrs. Vincent C. Noonan, Jr.
Deborah and Philip Nord
Mr. David N. Norman
Ms. Marion Norman
Robert and Marie Northington
Ms. Agnes T. Norton
Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Norton
Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. Nosko
Ms. Anne M. Nosnitsky
Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Notaro
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Novack
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Novembre
Ms. Phyllis Novick and Mr. Murray Sternberg
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nowacoski
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Nowak
Dr. Martha A. Nowell
Mr. and Mrs. Seymour S. Nowicki
Mr. Seymour S. Nowicki, CFM
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Nudelman
Ms. Mary Nufrio
Mr. Charles Nunez
Mr. and Ms. Owen J. Nurse
Paul Nutkowitz, PhD and Ikuko Nutkowitz, PhD
Mr. and Mrs. Ty Nutt
Ms. Grace F. Nuzzi
Mr. John M. Nuzzi
Ms. Donna A. Nuzzi
Mr. and Mrs. John Nuzzo
Ms. Joyce Nyan
Mr. and Mrs. H. Edward Nyce
The O’ Brien Family
The O’ Brien Family
Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Obal
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd O’Banion
Ms. Karen L. Obenchain
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Ober, Jr.
Ms. Anne C. O’Brien
Charles and Karen O’Brien
Ms. Olive O’Brien
Ms. Colleen O’Brien
Ms. Eileen O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. O’Brien
Ms. Nora R. O’Brien
Ms. Dolores D. Occhipinti
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Occulto
Mr. Matthew J. O’Connor
Ms. Beverly A. O’Connor
Ms. Rosemarie O’Connors
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. O’Donnell
Ms. Eileen O’Donnell
Ms. Mary Ellen O’Donnell
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick O’Driscoll
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ofner
Ms. Louise O’Gara
Mr. Lawrence O’Grady
Dr. Jeana S. Oh and Mr. Ray J. Park
Ms. Hyeon-Joo Oh
Ms. Rosemary Ohanian
Ms. Corrine Ohara
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. O’Hara
Mrs. Grace O’Hare
Mrs. Joan M. O’Kane
Ms. Karen O’Kane
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Okhotnikoff
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Okun
Mr. Jamie J. Oldani
Ms. Pat Oldfield
Mrs. Mimi O’Leary
Ms. Nancy L. O’Leary
Mr. George A. Olier, Jr.
Mr. Michael Olin
Mrs. and Mr. Johnette Olinger
Mr. Mark H. Olinsky
Ms. Alexandra S. Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Oliver
Mrs. Midori I. Oller
Mary Jo O’loughlin, RN
Mr. and Mrs. Christophe Olsen
Ms. Patricia R. Olsen
Ms. Karen Olsen Harrison
Mr. James M. Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis T. Olson
Nancy and Rob Olsson
Ms. Beth Olsson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Olster
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Oltorik
Judy and Oye Olukotun, MD
Devon Omalanowicz
Dr. Josephine E. Ondetti
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. O’Neill
Ms. Tasha O’Neill
Gerard K. O’Neill
Ms. Kathleen A. O’Neill
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. O’Neill, Jr.
Ms. Charmien K. Onish
Henry and Arlene Opatut
Mr. Leonard Oppenheimer and Ms. Ruth Zelig
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Opperman
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew O’Rahilly
Mr. Joseph Orban
Ms. Linda J. Ordini
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent A. Oriente
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Oringer
Ms. Elizabeth D. Orlandi
Ms. Elizabeth M. Orlando
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Orleans
Mr. John Leger and Ms. Sophie Orloff
and Mrs.
Eugene and Irene Orlowski
Mr. James E. Orourke
Mr. and Mrs. Peter O’Rourke
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. O’Rourke
Pat and Ian Orr
Nicole and Robert Orro
Ms. Susan A. Orshan
Dr. and Mrs. Illuminado C. Ortanez
Mr. and Mrs. Loyde J. Ortego
Mr. and Mrs. Hector L. Ortiz
Ms. Deidre Ortiz
Ms. Lisa Ortiz-Vilarelle
Mr. and Mrs. Elwin R. Orton, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Orton
Ms. Patricia Osander
Mr. Charles S. Osborn and Ms. Deborah A. Luther
Lydia Osborne
Ms. Janice Osborne
Mr. Charles M. O’Shea and Mrs. Eleanor D. O’Shea
Ms. Gladys Osofisan
Ms. Brenda Osofsky
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Ostrofsky
Mrs. Clare E. O’Such
Mr. and Mrs. George T. O’Toole
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Ott, III
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Otto
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Otto
Mr. William Oudenne
Mr. Lenard I. Ouslander
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Ouslander
Mr. Philip Ouyang
Ms. Sandra Overfield
Ms. Jill C. Owens
Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Owens
Ms. Dina S. Owies
Ilker Ozden and Kristina Reuter

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