Design for Healing Campaign Donors

$999 and under

Alphabetical order by last name:

Individuals A-B C-E F-H I-L M-O P-R S-V W-Z


Individuals — F to H

Ms. Betty Faber
Mr. and Mrs. Morris S. Fabian
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Facey
Mr. Robert Faehner
Dr. Robert Fagles
Paulette and Charles Faherty
Saralan and Bill Faherty
Ms. Mary B. Faherty
Bob and Judy Faherty
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Fahr
Ms. Jean R. Fahrenbach
Junaideen and Tahaney Fahumy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Faigen
Mr. M. Barry Katz and Ms. Juliann Fairnak Katz
William and Susan Faison
Fred and Pat Fakharzadeh
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Falcone
Mr. Henry A. Fallon
Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Fallon
Mr. Peter Falvey
Dr. Bruno S. Fang
Ms. Alice Ann Fankhauser
Ms. Lara Faoro
Ms. Virginia J. Farah
Awny Farajallah and Heba Guirgis
Mr. John G. Faranetta
Paul and Nicole Fario
Ms. Lamis Faris
Mrs. Eleanore A. Farley
Mrs. and Mr. Cathy Farrell
Ms. Lucille M. Farrell
Mr. Dean Fasoli and Ms. Donna G. Wooton-Fasoli
Mrs. Cindy Lee Faucher
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Faupel
Mr. and Mrs. J. Bradley Faus
Claire Fazio, RN
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Febles
Mr. Michael J. Feder and Ms. Yi-Mei Wang
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred A. Federico
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Federline
Randal and Carolynn Fedor
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Fedor
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Fedorko
Ms. April Fegley
Ms. Diane J. Fehr
Ms. Susan M. Fehrer
Mr. Ralph T. Feick
Jack Fein
Phyllis and Dave Feinblum
Mr. Howard L. Feinsand
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Feinstein
Ms. Harriet Feiring
Mr. Joseph J. Felcone
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Feldhuhn
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Feldhuhn
Rabbi Adam S. Feldman and Ms. Sara Bucholtz
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Feldman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Feldman
Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Feldman
Ms. La Mercie Felixon
Mrs. Arlene Feltham
Mr. Dieter Feltham
Mr. and Mrs. Sarkis M. Fenarjian, Jr.
The Fenitys
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Fenske
Sam and Patti Ferari
Mr. Glenn M. Fernandes
Gloria and Manuel Fernandes
Ms. Rosario J. Ferrante
Larry and Mary Ferrari
Ms. Carly Ferraro
Ms. Crystal Ferraro
Mr. Esteban Ferrer
Mr. Gene Ferreri and Ms. Linda B. Ferreri
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Ferri
Mr. Michael Ferry
Mr. Donald Fetzer
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Feuchtwanger
Ms. Roslyn G. Feuer
Mr. and Mrs. Burton H. Feuerstein
Ms. Ute A. Fey
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Fiandra
Ms. Pilar M. Fiano
Mr. and Mrs. Alviero Fiaschi
Mr. Wolfram Fiedler
Norman and Linda Field
Mrs. Arlene Field
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Field
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Fields
James and Jennifer Fields
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Fierko
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Figliola
Mr. and Mrs. G. Peter Filipiak
Ms. JoAnne B. Fillman
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Finch, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James O. Finckenauer
Janet and Morton Fine in Memory of our Dearly Departed
Mrs. Patricia Finegan
Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Fink
Cindy and Rich Fink
Ms. Shari Finkel
Dr. Adam M. Finkel and Dr. Joanne E. Booth
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Finkel
Mr. Gerald Finkelstein
Ms. Sandra Finkelstein
Dr. and Mrs. Vadim A. Finkielstein
Mrs. Susan Finlay
Mrs. Virginia C. Finley
Mr. David P. Misiura and Ms. Kathleen S. Finn
Mary Ellen Finn, RN
Pat and Val Finnegan
Ms. Elizabeth Finnegan
Carrie S. Fiore and George Moell
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Greco
Estate of Louise Fiorello
Clement and Joanna Fiori
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Fiori
Ms. Sugar Firtel and Family
Patricia and Robert Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic F. Fischer
Jean G. Fischer
Mary and Ken Fischer
Mr. Harry Fischer
Amy Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon B. Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Fisher, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Fishman
June and Joseph W. Fiske
Ms. Barbara J. Fisk-Hartig
Ms. Joan P. Fitch
Ms. Joyce S. Fitch
Casimir and Jennie Fitz
Ms. Carol Fitz
Onsite Neontal Team
Mr. Francis M. Fitzgerald
Ms. Betsey Fitzpatrick
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Fitzpatrick
Ms. Margret P. Fitzpatrick
Mrs. Zita N. Fitzsimmons
Ms. Anne E. Flagg
John and Jewel Flaherty and Mrs. Colleen Grouser
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Flanagan and Family
Ms. Margaret A. Flanagan
Ms. Marjorie Flanagan
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Flannery
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Flannery
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O. Flatts
Janice and Ronald Flaugher
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Fleck
Ms. Alison J. Flemer
Ms. Elizabeth S. Flemer
Prof. John V. and Rev. Joan E. Fleming
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Fleming
Mr. Peter C. Fleming
Ms. Beverly K. Fletcher
Mr. and Mrs. John Fletcher
Lynn M. Flicker, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Flicker
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Flieger
Mr. Rich Myslinski and Ms. Sara L. Flohr
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Florentine
Ms. Jean Flores
Mr. and Mrs. Klaus Florey
Mr. and Mrs. Dale J. Florio
Mrs. Fannie Floyd
Mr. James A. Floyd
Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Flynn
Cindy Flynn
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Fodor, III
Mr. and Mrs. William V. R. Fogler
Ms. Gianna Foglia
Mr. John Foley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Foley
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Foley
Ms. Jill M. Folino
Mr. and Mrs. George Folkers
Noella A. Folkes, RN
Dr. and Mrs. Wen C. Fong
Mr. and Mrs. James Cook Foo
Ms. Anne M. Foran
The Piscataway Special Education Department Sunshine Club
Ms. Shacarah Fordjour
Ms. Emma C. Forehand
Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Forgione
Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Forman
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Forman
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Formica
Leon J. Fornal
Mr. Wayne J. Forrest
Mr. and Mrs. John Forrester, Jr.
Mrs. Robert C. Forrey
Ms. Carol F. Forsbeck
Ms. Pamela Forster
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Fortuna
Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Fortunati, Sr.
Ms. Joanne Fortune
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Foster
Wallace and Lillian Foster
Ms. Aileen R. Foster
Mrs. Marie F. Foust
Mr. William J. Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn S. Fowler
Rosalie and Lawrence Fox
The Estate of Ivan Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Fox
Ms. Frances A. Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis L. Fox
Ms. Mary Lynn Fracaroli
Mr. and Mrs. Roman Frackowski
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Francis
Ms. Anne Marie Francis
Mr. Jorge R. Franco and Ms. Amy J. Newnam
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Frangione
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Frank
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Frank
Dr. and Mrs. Henry J. Frank
Ms. Irma R. Frank
Mr. and Mrs. A. Eugene Frank
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Franke
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Frankel
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Frankel
Mrs. Dorothy Franklin
Mr. and Mrs. Drew R. Frantz
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Franzblau
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Frasciello
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Fraser
Ms. Dorothy A. Fraser
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Fratelli
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fratesi and Ms. Marylynn Cassone
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon R. Fratz
Mr. and Mrs. Claude R. Frazer
John and Dorothy Freda
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Frederick
Mr. John B. Frederick
Mrs. Mary Frediani
Mary and Joseph Frediani
Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Freeberg
Ms. Susan S. Freedman
Jackie and Jeffrey Freedman
Hill Wallack LLP Staff Relations Committee
Dr. and Mrs. Eliot Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. C. Kenneth Freeman
Mr. Larry J. French
Ms. Mary A. French
Ms. Marlene J. French
Ms. Elizabeth Frenkel
Jerry and Barbara Freundlich
Mr. and Mrs. Philip F. Frezzo
Ms. Maude Fribourg
Mr. Michael Fried
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Fried
Mr. Robert B. Fried
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Friedberg
Ms. Susan L. Friedeborn
Bruce and Cynthia Friedeborn
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Friedland
Dr. and Mrs. Allan B. Friedland
Ms. Francine Friedland Forman
Ms. Rita Friedman
Mr. Mark Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Friedman
Ms. Frances Friedman
Ms. Marilyn Friedman
Renee and Bernard Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Friedman
Ms. Libby Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Friedman
Ms. Michele Friedman
Mrs. Jean M. Friedmann
Mr. John C. Friedmann
Mr. Jeffrey Friend
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Friend
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Friend
Ms. Sylviaree Frierson
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney J. Frigand
Ms. Nancy Frigand
Elizabeth and Joseph Frisina
Mr. and Mrs. Karlfried Froehlich
Bill and Jocelyn Froehlich
Mr. and Mrs. A. Joseph Froio
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Fromkin
Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Frothingham, Jr.
Mrs. Pearl Frumkin
Mr. and Mrs. L. David Frye
Ms. Kimberlea Fryer
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Fucci
Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred A. Fuchs
Ms. Marion R. Fugill and Ms. Beulah E. Baker
Dennis and Jasmine Fujii
Mrs. Dorothy C. Fullam
Friends and Former Collegues of Eric Solomon at the Office of Associate Chief Counsel (Corporate)
Mr. Reed R. Fullerton
Ms. Carol Fulmer
The Reverend and Mrs. Peter V. K. Funk
Mary and Richard Funsch
Ms. Ellen W. Furey
Ms. Magdalena Furniss
Dan and Lori Fusco
Mr. Derek J. Norris and Ms. Helen Fyfe
Mr. and Mrs. John Gaal
Mr. and Mrs. Kouami P. Gaba
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gabriel
Ms. Joan R. Gadek
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gaeta
Mr. and Mrs. Deborah Gainer
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Galan
Mr. and Mrs. Garfield P. Galant
Mr. Thomas P. Galant
Mr. and Mrs. John Galbraith, Jr.
Nancy and Brian Gale
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Gale
Ernest and Joan Galfus
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Galianese
Edward and Jeannie Galick
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Galik
Mr. Anil Torgalkar and Ms. Regina Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. Carmine Gallo
Ms. Marie J. Galloni
Mr. Ciro A. Gamboni
Mr. Blake Gambrill
Dr. Eugene S. Gamburg
Mr. and Mrs. Mukteeshwar Gande
Ms. Jo Ann Gandolfo
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ganek
Ms. Anandi Ganesh
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Ganley
Mr. Melvin J. Gantz
Mr. and Mrs. Kirkpatrick J. Garber
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Garber
Steve and Pamela Garbini
Mrs. Carolyn D. Garcia
Lazaro and Darlene Garcia
Ms. Lynn Gardam
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Gardiner
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Gardiner
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Gardiner
Ms. Ann E. Gardiner-Arnold
Mrs. Lillian Garfinkel
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gargione
Ms. Lucille Garibaldi
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Garofalo
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Garr
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Y. Garrett
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Garrison
James and Sylvia Garry
Ms. Garzillo
Ms. Mildred E. Gaskell
Ms. Linda Gaspar
Mrs. Susan L. Gaston
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Gates
Tom and Tracy Gates
Ms. Helen Gates
Mrs. Rosa Gaudiuso
Mr. Tushar Agarwal and Ms. Rashmi Gautam
Walter and Elizabeth Gay
Mr. and Mrs. Emilio G. Gay
Dr. Charles W. Gear
Carol and Frank Geck
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Geddes
Ms. Hildred Geertz
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius A. Geevers
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gehan
Mr. and Mrs. Todd K. Geherty
Mr. and Mrs. CW Geiger
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Geijer
Ms. Esther K. Gelbard
Mr. and Mrs. Martin P. Gelfond
Dr. Ellyn Geller
Mr. Gabriel Geller
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Geller
Ms. Mary Genco
Mr. Ronald L. Gendaszek and Ms. Bonnie Scott Gendaszek
Ms. Nancy A. Gendimenico
Mr. and Mrs. Gerhard Gengel
Benny and Rose Genovesi
Mr. Theodore R. Gensel
Mr. C. J. Genster
Mr. Vincent E. Gentile and Ms. Patricia A. Pickrel
Ms. Lorraine M. Gentz
Ms. Carol George
Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. George
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Geraci
Ms. Kathleen Gerber
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Geremia
John and Ellen Gering
Mrs. Janice Gerlich
Mrs. Mary Masterson Germain
Ms. Susan Germaine
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Germond
Mrs. Margaret G. Gero
Mrs. Mildred B. Gershen
Zel and Marsha Gerstein
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Gervasio
Ms. Deborah V. Gervasio
Mrs. Ethel Gerwitz
Bob Gerzoff
Ms. Cheryl A. Gesregan
Dr. Ruth Getter
Mr. and Mrs. Hans P. Geyer
Mr. and Mrs. Dick R. Ghezzi
Nikki Ghiseline and Eddie Bezalel
Ms. Theresa C. Giacchi
Mr. Thomas D. Giachetti
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Giacin
Ms. Carol Ann Giacin
Ms. Bonnie B. Giacobbe
Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Giacobbi
Mr. and Mrs. John Giacoppo
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Giampaolo
Ms. Ida L. Giampaolo
Martino and Lucia Giampietro
Mr. and Mrs. Paolo Giampietro
Ms. Barbara Ann Giannantonio
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gibbons
Mrs. Geraldine C. Gibbons
Mr. James T. Gibbons
Ms. Judith Ann Gibbons
Ms. Ruth C. Gibbons
Mr. William M. Gibby
Kathleen Gibney
Ms. Beverly M. Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Gibson, Jr.
Dee and Peter Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Gierman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Gies
Mr. Andrew Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Murray Gilbert
Mr. Ronald J. Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. H. Craig Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gilburne
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Gildenberg
Mr. Martin Gilens and Ms. Janet Felton
Ms. Merinda Giles
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Giles
Mr. Martin Gilford
Mr. and Mrs. Martin C. Gill
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gillert
Ms. Dawn Gillespie
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Gilligan
Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Gillim
Mr. John Gilmore
Ms. Linnea Gilmour
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Gilson
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Giminaro
Mr. and Mrs. Moe Gimlan
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Gindin
Ms. Carolyn Gioia
Mr. Vincent Giordano and Ms. Susan Betterly
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Giordmaine
Mr. Robert D. Giovanelli
Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Gips
Cyndi and Wayne Girardet
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney E. Girmus
Ms. Patricia Giro
Mrs. Nancy C. Girton
Mr. Drew Gitomer
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gittleman
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Gittleman
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Giudice
Ms. Carol Giudice
Mr. and Mrs. Victor H. Given
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Given
Elizabeth Glancy
Ms. Sheri L. Glanding
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Glanz
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Glaser
Dr. Mary Ellen S. Glasgow
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Glasgow
Ms. Muriel P. Glasser
Mr. and Mrs. Warren E. Glazer
Mr. Robert J. Gleason
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Gleason
Terry and Gil Gleim
Mr. Edward F. Glembocki
Mr. Norman Glickman and Ms. Elyse Pivnick
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Gliddon
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Gload
Mrs. Robert S. Glover
Ms. Tammy Glover
Ms. Ellen Glover
Smith Hanley Associates
Mr. and Mrs. James Godber
Ms. Susan F. Godfrey
Ms. Evelyn Godlewski
Mr. and Mrs. Newton E. Godnick
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Goedeken
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Goehler
Goehrig and Kosonsky Family
Noel and Frances Goeke
Mrs. Ann E. Goeke
Mr. Richard J. Goeke
Mrs. Brenda A. Goeke
Mary and Paul Goepfert
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Goetting
Ms. Diane R. Goettler
Mr. David Goff
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Golann
Ms. Lois Gold
Ms. Jean Goldberg
Mr. David S. Goldberg and Ms. Wilma E. Solomon
Ms. Rosalyn Goldberg
Mrs. Muriel Stroller Goldberg
Maryanne and Warren Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Golden
Mr. Scott J. Golden and Mrs. Marcia Press-Golden
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Golden
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Golden
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Goldenberg
Irene Goldfarb
The Honorable David A. Goldfarb
Mr. and Mrs. Lee J. Goldkrantz
Mr. Alvin Goldman and Ms. Holly Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Goldman
Ms. Joanne K. Goldman
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Goldsmith
Mr. Ira Goldstein
Marvin and Martha Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Goldstein
Dr. and Mrs. Henry H. Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Joe H. Goldstein
Mr. Daniel Goldstein
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Goldstine, DDS
Ms. Judith A. Golembeski
Mr. Robert B. Goley
Mr. Slamatis Golfinopoulos
Ms. Candyce Golis
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Golisano
Ms. Marian Goliszewski
Ms. Jill M. Golubitsky
Ms. Anna M. Gombar
Drs. Rene and Sheila Gomez
Mr. and Mrs. John Gomo
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Gontarz, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gonzalez
Dr. Elizabeth Gonzalez-Dolginko LCAT, LP
Pamela and Carl Good
Mr. and Mrs. Ira L. Goodelman
Alisha Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Goodrich
Mr. and Mrs. Neil E. Goodzeit
Mr. and Mrs. Roland S. Chen
Dorothy and Arthur Goorin
Ms. Kheeda Gopaul
Alvin and Felice Gordon
Lenore and Irwin Gordon
Rachelle and Sterling Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. George G. Gordon
Mrs. Anne Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Erik Gordon
Mr. David Watson and Ms. Anne R. Gordon
Mr. Joseph H. Gordon
Ms. Cynthia Gordon
John and Jane Gore
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Gore
Mr. Michael J. Gore
Mr. Stan Gorecki
Mr. and Mrs. Chas Gorham
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gorin
Ms. Kathleen Gorish
Ms. Patricia A. Gorish
Mrs. Frank T. Gorman, Jr.
Ms. Stephanie J. Gorman
Ms. Mary Gorman
Ms. Janet R. Gorman
Ms. Dorothy M. Gornowski
Ms. Louise L. Goss
Mr. Robert J. Goss and Ms. Joanne Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Goss
Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Gott, III
Ms. Sara Gottlieb
Ms. Peggy Policastro Gottlieb
Mr. James Smith and Ms. Bernice Gottlieb Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Gotwald
Manfred Gotz and Anne Marie Gotz
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Goubeaud
Anne and Hal Goucher
Stephen and Paula Gould
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Gould
Mr. and Mrs. Alan C. Gould
Ms. Marie-Clotilde Gouvenot
Ms. Mamtha Govindappa
Mr. David Govorko
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Gowaty
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Gozonsky
Mr. Edward Grab and Ms. Stacie A. Lopez
Oleg and Terry Grabar
Mr. Gregory Grabe
Dr. Tracey J. Moreno and Dr. Wayne M. Grabowski
Ms. Janet R. Grace
Ms. Joan H. Grady and Mr. Klaus Hilgers
Mr. and Mrs. Werner H. Graf, II
Ms. Gabrielle D. Graff
Ms. Waveney M. Graffie
Ms. Areather Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Bonniwell Graham, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Scott Graham
Dr. Patricia A. Graham
Mr. Herbert C. Graham, Jr.
Ms. Mary H. Graham
Ms. Carole Graifman
Marilyn and Lou Grama
Ms. Aida C. Gramieri
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony F. Granato
Mr. Paul Granek
Andrew and Ann Granett
Dr. and Mrs. Milton H. Grannatt
Joan B. Grant
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Grant
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Grant
Ms. Linda Grant Clark
Mr. and Mrs. James Gravalis
Richard and Barbara Gravatt
Mr. and Mrs. H. Peter Gray
Mr. Thomas Gray
Ms. Valerie A. Gray
Mr. Thomas Gray
Mrs. Lisa Grayson
Charles W. Grayson and Lisalotte E. Grayson
Ms. Mary Beth Graziano
Mrs. Dorothy Graziano
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Greco
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Greco
Mr. Israel Green
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Green
Thomas C. Green
Mrs. Joan P. Green
Ms. Lynne Green
Ms. Sharon Green
Jenieve Green, RN
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Greenbaum
Ms. Vivian Greenberg, ACSW, LCSW
Laurence P. Greenberg and Martha M. Land
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Greenberg
The Honorable Morton I. Greenberg and Dr. Barbara-Ann K. Greenberg
Mr. Jonathan Greenberg
Ms. Eileen L. Greenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Greene
Mr. and Ms. George H. Greener
Ms. Michele Greenfield
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Greenfield
Mr. Allen S. Greenspan
Fred and Barbara Greenstein
Ms. Alice M. Greenwald
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Greenzang
Mr. and Mrs. Unico Gregory
Ms. Judith A. Gregory
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Gregory
Mr. and Mrs. Allan W. Gregory
Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Greidinger
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Grenier
Daniel and Laurette Gresler
Mr. and Mrs. Jon F. Gribbin
Nancy and Stephen Grieco
Ms. Mary A. Grier
Ms. Doris Griesche
Ms. Jeanne Marie Griesi
Ms. Daphney Griffin
Edwin B. and Kathleen Griffin
Mr. William F. Farren and Ms. Jill Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Griffis
Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Griffith
Ms. Karen Griffith
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Griffiths
Mr. John Grimaldi
Ms. Ann T. Grimes
Ms. Harriet Gromer-Hicks, Shirley, Keith and Don
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Groncki
Mrs. Mildred L. Groo
Mrs. Elizabeth Groome
Mr. Charles S. Groshon
Mr. Everett Gross
Jonathan and Susan Gross
Mrs. Katherine Gross
Gross-Schotland Family
Mr. and Mrs. Allan L. Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Isidore Gross
Dr. Rachel M. Grossman
Mr. Eric B. Grossman and Ms. Elizabeth L. Schorr
Mr. and Mrs. Allen N. Grossman
Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Grossman
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Grossman
Mrs. Sally Grossman
Mr. Paul A. Grotz
Mr. Gary J. Grover
Ms. Jeanette K. Grover
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Grover
Mr. and Mrs. Gary V. Grubb
Ms. Maureen P. Grubb
Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Grund
Mr. Danny M. Grundel and Ms. Francine B. Kamen
Jerry and Sandra Grundfest
Mr. John J. Gruszczyk
Mr. Larry Grygiel
Mr. and Mrs. Daifang Gu
Mrs. Anna Guagliardo
Mr. Carmello R. Guagliardo
Ms. Yuanfang Guan
Ms. Rita Guddo
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell L. Guder
Mr. Anthony J. Guerriero
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Guidice
Ms. Elizabeth A. Guilday
Ms. Nancy Gulla
Richard and Bess Gunnell
Mr. and Mrs. Josephus T. Guns
Ruth Gunsel
Mrs. Virginia Gunter
Ms. Beifang Guo
Ms. Susan Gurfield
Dr. and Mrs. Elliot J. Gursky
Ms. Loraine Gurval
Ms. Jan Gurvitch
Ms. Rosemarie Gusciora
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Gusciora
Ms. Helen M. Gushue
Ms. Donna M. Gustafson, RN
Nancy and Wilfred Gustave
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas F. Gusz
Mr. Hubert S. Guthrie
Mr. Peter B. Guthrie
Huberto and Mary Gutierrez
Ms. Concetta M. Gutierrez
Ms. Charlotte Gutkowski
Prof R. Gutman
Mr. Paul W. Knight and Ms. Jennifer Guy
Mrs. Ingrid Guzik
Ms. Alexandra Guzik
Ms. Judith L. Guzy
Mrs. Alberta Gwazda
Mr. and Ms. Edward J. Gwazda, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gwisdalla
Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Haag
Roger Haas, M.D.
Ms. Zulma Haas
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Haas
Ms. Janet Haas
Ms. Mary Anne Haas
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Haber
Mr. and Mrs. Milton M. Haber
Ms. Kathleen A. Haberkern
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Habicht
Mr. and Mrs. James Haddad
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Haddock
Dr. and Mrs. Evan Hadley
Mr. Abdul Hafeez and Ms. Amtush Shakoor
Gail Haftel, RN
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Hager
Drs. Janice K. Bush and Eric L. Hagestad
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Haggist
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Haglund
Mr. John Hagmeyer
Ms. Holly R. Hagy
Mr. and Mrs. Abbas Haidery
Ms. Alexandra Haidet
Mr. Sonny S. Haile
Dr. and Mrs. William N. Hait
Mr. George C. Hajek and Ms. Ann H. Denton
Ms. Mary K. Halasz
Ms. Dorothy Haldeman
Ms. Nancy Hale Hoyt
H.G. Haley
Mr. and Mrs. Graham P. Halky
Mrs. Winifred T. Hall
Mrs. Betty Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Scott Hall
Ms. Marion D. Hall
Ms. Lurow M. Hall
Ms. Cheryl Hallam
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Hallows
Dr. and Mrs. Martin Halofsky, DDS
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Halpern
Ms. Valerie Halyo
Mr. Michael A. Paluszek and Ms. Marilyn Ham
Mr. and Mrs. Marc I. Hamelsky
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin R. Hamelsky
Ms. Muriel B. Hamer
Ms. Rubina Hamid
Ms. Carmena Hamilton
Ms. Billie J. Hamilton
Ms. Helen D. Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Hamilton
Ms. Mary Brown Hamingson
Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Hammer
Mr. Gregory Hammer
Mr. Ira A. Hammer and Ms. Mary Capozzelli
Mr. Andras P. Hamori
Mr. and Mrs. George S. Han
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Handler
Mr. and Mrs. William Haney
Ms. Anne Hanish
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Hank
Ms. Marion G. Hankins
Ms. Patricia A. Hanko
Ms. Karen Hanner
Ms. Mary W. Hannibal
Ms. Barbara A. Hansell
Dr. and Mrs. George H. Hansen
Dr. Jo-Ida C. Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. Geddes W. Hanson
Mr. and Mrs. Brett J. Hanson
Gerard and Joanne Hanson
Mr. George A. Hanson
Professor and Mrs. William Happer
Mr. Erwin E. Harbat
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Harcarik
Mr. Gregory Hardenbrook
Ms. Ann T. Hardiman
Dr. and Mrs. Maurice J. C. Harding
Peggy and Ed Harding
Mrs. Susan Hardinge Caravello
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Hardt
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hare
Pamela Hargrave
Mrs. Isabel V. Hargraves
Ramesh Hariharan
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Harisiades
Ms. Alice P. Harkness
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Harm
Phyllis V. Harmon
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne G. Harmor
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Harms
Mr. Joseph F. Haro
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Harper
Ms. Sharon E. Harper
William and Lynda Harrington
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Harrington
Ms. Eugenie Harris
Mr. Daniel A. Harris and Ms. Jane L. Buttars
Ms. Lois Harris
Mr. Richard Harris
Merrill Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Harris
Mr. James E. Harris
Bob and Judi Harrison
Ms. Therese S. Harrison
Ms. Dorothy Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hart
Ms. Mary Lou Hart
Fran and Russ Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Hart
Ms. Kathleen C. Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Hartigan
Ms. Mary Louise Hartman
The Hartman Family
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Hartman
Ms. Gail Hartman
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Hartman
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Harton
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Hartzell
Helen and Rodney Hartzell
Mr. Kenneth C. Edgar, Jr. and Ms. Denise J. Harvey
Dr. Gregory Harvey
Paula Harvey and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Harvey
Dr. Sidney D. Harvey, MD
Ms. Caroline L. Harvey
Mr. Walter B. Harvey
Mrs. Catherine Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. Brett S. Harwood
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Harzewski
Ms. Olga P. Hasty
Mr. and Ms. Daniel J. Hasulak
Ms. Judith E. Hatke
Mr. Paul Hatrack
Mr. Ronald Haucke
Ms. Mary T. Hauser
Mr. Francisco J. Perez and Ms. Sybylle Hausermann Perez
Mrs. Beverly Hausman
Ms. Catherine A. Havey
Mr. Thomas Hawes and Ms. Callie A. Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph N. Hawkins, Jr.
Mr. Leroy Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Hawley
Hiro Hayashi and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Ramesh Hayban
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Hayden
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Hayes
Ms. Kimyata L. Hayes
Ms. Jennifer M. Hayes-Brown
Mr. John Hayles
Ms. Sally Hayman
William F. Haynes M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Haynes, Jr.
Mr. Jeremy Hayward-Surry
Mr. Jack Werts, Jr. and Mrs. Tracey R. Hazelton-Werts
Xinhong He and Yun Qi
Ms. Maria C. Healy
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Healy
Ms. Barbara F. Hearn
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Heath
Ms. Marguerite (Peg) Heath
Ms. Sheri Heath Howard
Ms. Marilyn W. Heberling
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hecht
Mr. Henry R. Hecht
Ms. Lydia Heck
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Heck
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Heffernan
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Hefler
Mr. and Mrs. Alan K. Hegedus
Ms. Katherine C. Heidere
Ernst Heilbrunn, M.D. and Susan Mandel Glazer, Ed.D.
Mr. Jonathan M. Heilbrunn and Mrs. Janice Tucker-Heilbrunn
John and Mary Heilner
Harriet and Israel Heilweil
Mr. and Mrs. Karl F. Heinz
Ms. Margaret M. Heinz
Jim and Rhonda Heisler
Mr. Gordon Heit
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Heitz
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heitzmann
Isaac and Joann Held
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Heldrich
Mr. Edward W. Helfrey
Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Helfrick
Mr. and Mrs. William Helkowski
Ms. Susan Heller
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Heller
Ms. Phyllis Heller
Ms. Angel M. Heller
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis W. Helm
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Helms
Mr. Jack E. Helms
Mr. and Mrs. Carl O. Helstrom
Mr. Wayne A. Hemans and Ms. Janice S. Griffiths
Mr. Joel Hemmendinger
Mr. Alan Hemphill
Hans and Anneliese Hendel
Ms. Harriet Hendel
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Henderson
Abigail Hendricks, RN
Mr. and Mrs. Eric C. Hendrickson
Gus and Terry Henrich
Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Henry
Ms. Ruth W. Henry
Ms. Carleen B. Henry
Ms. Ann R. Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert B. Henyon
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hepburn
Mr. and Mrs. Wilhelm L. Hepp
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Herbert Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jules Herbert
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Herbst
Joseph and Frances Herbst
Ms. Donna Heringes
Mr. Zelig Herman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hermann
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Hermann
Mr. Charles Hernandez
Ms. Coleen Herndon
Ms. Susan Herndon
Mrs. Thyra Hernquist
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Herrick
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Herring
Ms. Linda Herron
Dr. and Mrs. Alan Herschman
Ms. Geraldine C. Hertig
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Herzstein, Jr.
Ms. Patricia S. Heslin
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Hess
Ms. Lucille E. Hess
Kathleen Hesse
Ms. Mary Jane Hesson
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Hester
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Hetzel
Mr. and Mrs. Warner J. Heuman
Ms. Helen Heumann
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Hewitt, Jr.
Mrs. Kathleen Heydon
Mr. Philip M. Heyman
Ms. Muriel P. Hibbs
Joan and Reeves Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Hicks
Ms. Marsha Higginbotham
Ms. Andrea K. Higginbottom
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Higgins
Ms. Judith H. Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall S. Higgins
Mrs. Barbara Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Joel L. High
Mrs. Virginia C. High
Ms. Lynn Hightower
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Hildebrandt
Ms. Barbara M. Hilge
Ms. Diane N. Hilker
Mr. Joseph B. Hill, II
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Hill
Mr. Richard B. Hill
Mr. Mark Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Rockland D. Hill
Mrs. Elizabeth Q. Hill
Mrs. Stephanie Hill Altobelli
Mr. Jimmy C. Hillhouse
J. Robert Hillier and Barbara Hillier
Dr. James Hillier
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Hillman, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Hindes
Jim and Laura Hines
Ms. Lisa Hinz
Mr. and Mrs. Joel R. Hirsch
Paul J. Hirsch, MD
Ms. Joanne Hirsch
Dr. Albert O. Hirschman
Drs. Jennifer and Donald Hirsh
Ms. Carol H. Hitchings
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard B. Hittner
Jon and Patricia Hlafter
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence L. Hlavacek, Jr.
Mrs. Linda C. Hlavacek
Ms. Joan R. Ho
Mr. and Mrs. Lien-Shiang Ho
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hoagland
Mr. and Mrs. Bachir Hocine
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard B. Hodes
Ms. Dorothy Hodgson and Mr. Richard Schroeder
Mr. Thomas A. Hodick
Ms. Julie Hodorowski
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hodul
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Hoegl
Mr. Brian Hofacker and Ms. Annmarie Walsh Hofacker
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Hofer
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hoff
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Hoffman
Ms. Anita Hoffman
Mr. John Hoffman
Ms. Shirley A. Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hoffman
Mrs. Elizabeth Hoffman
Ms. Jane Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hoffmann
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hoffmann
Sid and Laura Hofing
Ms. Lynne Hofstaedter
Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Hogan
Mr. and Mrs. B. Bruce Hogg, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Hohlbein
Mr. and Mrs. James Holanda
Ms. Trish Holbig
Dr. and Mrs. Liviu T. Holca
Ms. Janet K. Holcomb
Ms. Katharine V. Holcombe
Ms. Pauline E. Holcombe
Dr. Suzanne Holdcraft
Ms. Carolyn Holden
Ms. Nancy K. Holden
Mr. George M. Holland
Jane and Gary Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Hollander
Mr. T. Edward Hollander
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Hollander
Sidney and Sylvia Hollender
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Holliman
Mr. H. Morgan Holman, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Brant Holmes
Catherine Holmes Clark
Ms. Joy C. Holmstrup
Mrs. Barbara Holohan
Mr. William Chen and Ms. Mary Holowinsky
Dr. and Mrs. Earle T. Holsapple, Jr.
Ms. Beverly R. Holwitt
Mr. and Mrs. Phil M. Holzer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Holzwarth
Mr. Wickie Hom
Sarah F. Hom, CRNA
Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Homan
Mr. Chia-Jon Hong and Ms. Yin S. Liu
Ms. Laurie Honigman
Mr. Douglas R. Honnold
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Honstein
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Hopkins, II
Judith and L.J. Hopkins
R.W. Hopkins II
Mr. Jeffrey G. Hopkins and Mrs. Connie Sohl
Karen Hopkins
Ms. Nobuko Hori
Dr. and Mrs. Leon Horlick
Ms. Virgina L. Horning
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hornstein
Ms. Jean Hornyak
Dr. and Mrs. Zola Horovitz, MD
Family of Dr. Milton Horowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffry H. Horowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Horowitz
Ms. Rhonda Horowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Horowitz
Ms. Susan Horowitz
Ms. Stacy Horowitz
Dr. and Mrs. W. Donald Horrigan
Mrs. F. A. Horsley
Ms. Melanie Horton
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Horton
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Horvath
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Host
Houck Family
Ms. Marguerite A. Hough
Ms. Barbara A. House
Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. House, Jr.
William and Kathleen Houston
Mrs. Ruth Howard
Bob and Janet Howard
Mrs. Susan Howard
Ms. Katherine J. Howarth
Mr. Merrill T. Howe
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Howell
Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Howell
Mr. Michael M. Howzen
Dr. and Mrs. Carl C. Hoyler
Mr. and Mrs. James Hradecky
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Hsu
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Hsu
Gigi Hsu and Hung C. Ling
Juuhwa Hsueh-Ting
Wang Ng and Nway Htike
Mr. Eugene S. Hu
Duenwu Hua
Mr. Ke Hua
Mr. Xialin C. Huang
Yee and Kari Huang
Ms. Min Huang
Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Hubbard
Ms. Patricia F. Huber
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Huber, Jr.
Dr. Steven L. Hubert and Ms. Randy Karafin Hubert
Ms. Candyce Hublein-Pizzala
Ms. A. Laura Hudgens
Mr. and Mrs. Utpal Hudka
Ms. Denise M. Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. William Hudson
Collmann, Smith and Hudson Families
Mr. and Mrs. Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Hughes
Ms. Janie Hughes
Joanne Hughes and Mark Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hughes
Ms. Lisa Huguenin
Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Hui
Mr. William M. Hulick
Mr. J Mount Hulick
Ms. Dorothy E. Hull
Mr. Donald Hullfish
Ms. Betty J. Hulse
Ms. Carole A. Humenchuk
Anne and Bill Humes
Ms. Donna L. Hummel
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Humphreys
Rosemarie Hunninghake
Ms. Michelle Hunt
Rev. and Mrs. Chase S. Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Hunt
Ms. Christina Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Huntington
Ms. Jean O’ Neill Huntington
Mrs. Florence C. Hurley
Mrs. Ruth V. Hurley
Ms. Editha Hurley
Ms. Edea G. Hurley
Mr. William J. Hurley
Ms. Mary Hurley
Ms. Nancy A. Hurm
Ms. Maureen M. Hurst
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hurst
The Estate of Mr. Leonard Hurwitz
Sherry Hurwitz
Mrs. Patricia E. Husak
Mr. Robert Husak
Mr. Yusuf Hussain
Mrs. Katharine W. Huston
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Hutchinson
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hutchinson
Ms. Madeline Huthansel
Mrs. Andrew W. Hutnik
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. Hutnik, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Huttenga
Mr. Craig T. Hutton and Ms. Judith M. Donohoe Hutton
Mr. Thomas E. Hutton
Ms. Dawn Huxley
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Hyde, Jr.
Suzanne and Ron Hyman
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Hyman
Dr. Samuel Hynes
Dr. Youngsoon Hyun

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