Due to the Winter Storm Warning for our region, community education and outreach classes that are scheduled for Monday evening, Jan. 26, 2015, and Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015 have been cancelled. Any further updates related to the storm will be posted here.

Meet Our Board Members


The members of the Princeton HealthCare System (PHCS) Foundation Board of Directors come from all walks of life. They have achieved much success in their careers as evidenced by their professional affiliations. One common thread however, is their commitment to their community through their active involvement in healthcare for Central New Jersey residents. By lending their support and expertise to our fundraising, a partnership of compelling proportion has yielded remarkable results. We are happy to introduce to you these individuals who help us carry out the mission of PHCS Foundation.

Compito, Gerard 

Gerard A. Compito, MD

Physician, Princeton Radiology Associates

Barry Rabner May 2012

Barry S. Rabner*

President & CEO, Princeton HealthCare System

Landers Alyson from 09 AR

Alyson M. Landers
Vice Chair 

Princeton Community Volunteer

Kuczinski, Anthony 3

Anthony J. Kuczinski
Vice Chair and Treasurer

CFO, Princeton Biomeditec Corp.

Zirbser Glenn June 13 

Glenn Zirbser
Assistant Treasurer 

CFO, Princeton HealthCare System

Butts, Calvin

Calvin L. Butts, Jr.

VP of Strategic Services, Communications Media Inc.

Mathiasen, Tim 10 

Timothy H. Mathiasen
Assistant Secretary 

Senior Vice President of Development, PHCS Foundation

Albers Schonberg Joyce from 08 AR

 Joyce Albers-Schonberg 

Retired Financial Analyst, Deerfield

Berlik, Len 3

Leonard J. Berlik

CEO, Uniqema

Burks, Bill 3

William P. Burks, MD

Retired Partner, Princeton Surgical Associates

Cammerzell, Fritz 

Frederick E. Cammerzell, III, Esq.

Attorney, Private Practice

Dultz, Rachel 7

Rachel P. Dultz, MD, FACS

Physician, Surgical Breast Specialist, LLC

Guglielmi, Gwen 4

Gwen E. Guglielmi, MD 

Retired Radiologist, Princeton Radiology Associates

Gutowski, W Thomas date unknown

W. Thomas Gutowski, MD

Physician, Princeton Orthopaedic Associates, PA

Kang Jemo from 08 AR 

Jemo Kang, PhD 

CFO, Princeton Biomeditech Corporation

    Photo not available

Norman Klath

Retired, Managing Director of Global Research, JP Morgan

Lancefield Margaret 

Margaret Lancefield, MD, PhD 

Retired Physician, Princeton HealthCare System

Photo of Ed Matthews

Edward E. Matthews 

President, C.V. Starr & Co.

Pimley, Kim 2011

 Kim J. Pimley


Co-Founder and President, Pimley & Pimley, Inc.

Skeete Tatum Lisa from 05 AR 

Lisa Skeete Tatum 

Former General Partner, Cardinal Partners


John D. Wallace 

Retired President, CoreStates New Jersey National Bank

Webster Curtis from 08 AR 

Curtis M. Webster 

President & Owner, Vertical Corporation

  * ex-officio