Welcome to Princeton Health International

Princeton Health International (PHI), as a for-profit subsidiary of Princeton HealthCare System (PHCS), has expanded the mission of the institution – previously focused on its role as a pre-eminent New Jersey healthcare provider – to that of an institution that serves as a leader in the advancement of community-based healthcare. It fulfills this expanded mission by helping other organizations throughout the world develop and integrate outstanding patient care, effective management, superior professional education, innovative new facility development services, ambitious and successful fundraising services and excellent legal services.

PHI accomplishes this by offering its expertise worldwide and disseminating the knowledge it developed over its 96 year history and its most recent experience in building a state-of-the-art health care campus. PHI’s clients are people and organizations who serve individuals and families in need of healthcare. It collaborates with the best project management planning, architectural, legal, and fundraising talent available through integrated and financially aligned partnerships.

Every PHI project reflects PHCS’s values and has a positive social impact. The organizations and individuals with whom PHI works share PHCS’s philosophy of care which anticipates and responds to each family’s values, needs, cultures, resources and strengths.

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